Arts and Design afterschool and summer program for youth (ages 12-14)

 Unfolding is an immersive art and design program for youth ages 12-14.

It is a program that proposes a different method of education for the arts in which participants are immersed in pure experiential learning with the guidance of seasoned artists and a life coach while reflecting on their personal, their communities, and the world’s situations, and observing and learning from their environment and peoples around them.

UNFOLDING will promote mental health wellness in teens by allowing them to express their feelings and emotions in a safe place by creating art. This will foster the unfolding of their human potential and prepare them to explore a career in the arts. 


This program will run Monday to Friday (minus holidays) throughout the year:

Spring Term (After School): May 23rd—June 30, 4 pm to 6 pm
Summer Term: July 4th—August 31st, 10 am to 3:30 pm
Fall Term (After School): September 5th—December 15th,  4 pm to 6 pm

Classes will take place at Earl Haig Public School
15 Earl Haig Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 1E2


 – Age: 12-14 Years old

 – Require after-school and summer care needs. 

– Commit to attending at least 80% of the whole programming (including schooldays and summer)