“Alebrijes of your dreams”

Emotionart ran a series of Alebriejs workshops round of alebrijes workshops at Toronto Community Housing buildings. These programs have been supported by the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts and Toronto Community Housing.

More information: https://aglcreativestudio.com/alebrijes-in-toronto-community-housing-part-ii/

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Arts & Crafts

We ran some arts and crafts projects in Guelph,Ontario, at the Fife Road Co-op. This multigenerational community art project supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

Please check it out: https://aglcreativestudio.com/crafts-projects-at-toronto-housing-and-fife-road-co-op/

At Guelph, Ontario.

Unfolding Art and Design program for youth

Emotionart runs a 9-month afterschool program for youth ages 11-15, during which participants learn different mediums through pure experiential learning. This project was supported by the Canada Council For The Arts.

More details here: https://aglcreativestudio.com/unfolding-program/

A woman and creator

Ana Gabriela Lopez Castro is a Mexican Visual artist based in Toronto, living on the East End. Her artistic formation started in photography and printmaking in 2000 when she first found the best way to express her voice. She is an active exponent of Mexican folk art through the presentation of her artistic and handcrafted alebrijes, fantastic creatures made on paper mache. The love for her roots and Mother Nature are always present in her work.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the Faculty of Arts and Design at UNAM in Mexico City and an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from Centennial College. She has been collaborating with Muse Arts since 2013.

In 2019, she founded Emotionart collective art group to bring intergenerational art workshops to Toronto Community Housing buildings, initially for seniors to break the isolation of their tenants that may be experiencing and rebuild their communities again.

Photography: Alex Usquiano

“My body of work is inspired by Mexican folk art, colourful, diverse and rich”.