Crafts Projects at Toronto Housing and Fife Road Co-op

This is our third round of art programs at Toronto Housing and for first time , we have expanded to a co-op in Guelph. Where we were invited by one of the members of Fife Road co-op.

We extended one program to this new space, because the people in administration requested if could be a longer program, as that community needs art prorgams in that space.

That was the result of our third programming that has started in March, and all these art programs have been supported by Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts.

We have learned that run a program that goes for stages that Alebrijes made on paper mache requires commitment to attend the whole programming and they have to attend every class to complete one piece.

Despite we were very enthusiastic the previous rounds in March and May , sometimes some participants could not not finish their pieces because they missed one or more classes due to their personal commitments, so we decided to change the dynamic and for this project we changed to one day session where participants could take one final product at the end of each class , or two-day sessions which included to make an alebrije in a more simple way and when we painted the community mural with the tenants for their 30th celebration, where adults and kids have their own day to paint and collaborate for this big mural made on canvas.

We also, upon request of the administration an as a suggestion of some tenants we have divided the groups in adults sessions and kids sessions. Kids in this communities are very energetic and some adults would prefect in a quiet mood.

Nonetheless, we have very successful days filled with lots of colours and participants kept coming to our art programs more frequent than if we have make only one activity for the whole programming.

These are some of our works made during this art programming.