Inktober Panda 2020

During October, there are many lists that we can follow or choose if we decide to do this challenge that consists on create a drawing every day for 31 days.
I chose Inktober Panda a list that World Wildlife Fund Mexico (WWF Mexico), create for their third year. The list included endangered species from Mexico.
I invited the community here in Toronto, Mexico and even from Sweden. 10 people joined me in this challenge, it was very fun and I learn from all of them.
How we have different interpretations of the same species. It’s always fantastic to get to know new species and appreciate how beautiful they are. I was feeling very grateful that during this time people have joined in this challenge and they were sending me their pictures of their work.

It was very amazing because I did it in the community and with my son, we were making live videos on Facebook every night because I wanted to record my creative process for this whole month, it was challenging drawing every day, and learning new skills like editing videos and posting them on my Youtube channel, everything is there. I’m glad that I did it. What was most amazing was that people of different ages were drawing with me, 10 years old were the youngest and 82 the oldest.

My dad, my sister, my friends and neighbours. We have created and learned so much from it and it’s very satisfying to finish something, and something creative where we all learn is so many ways. The most important is that we create and keep connected during challenging times, times of so much adaptation.

Inktober Panda List 2020