Day of the death exhibition

I have the opportunity to display my artwork for a day at Harbourfront in the lobby of the theatre

Happening 2019

Multicultural festival at 918 Bathurst Centre organized by Muse arts at the end of May.

Printmaking girls night

We gathered at my home studio to created art. I hosted a printmaking night with beautiful women in summer.

A woman a creator:

Ana Gabriela Lopez C. Ana, is a Mexican Visual artist based in Toronto, living on the East End.
Her artistic formation started in the areas of photography and printmaking in 2000, where she first found the best way to express her voice.
She established in Toronto in 2008, and she is an active exponent of the Mexican art and culture through the presentation on her artistic and handcrafted work know as the alebrijes, fantastic creatures made on paper mache. Next to her prints that evoke the native spirit of her ancestors and culture. The love for her roots and Mother Nature are always present.

She has a bachelor degree in Visual Arts from the Faculty of Arts and Design at UNAM in Mexico City and an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from Centennial College. She has been collaborating as an artist facilitator with Muse Arts since 2014.
My body of work is inspired by Mexican folk art – colourful, diverse and rich.

With her work, she wants to share that through learning about other cultures we can create and inspire within the community.

Photography: Alex Usquiano

“Arts are transformative”

Paola Gomez – Muse Arts Founder